Secrets of a historical tree

A whole Story…

Olive tree has, through millenniums, told the history of our Mediterranean countries and clearly the history of Tunisia, land of the sun… Leafs, corsicans, wood and residues, all the tree’s components possess incredibly essential and magnificent …use. Olive oil, is the bright shining juice that keeps spilling much over time and set up itself as one of the most iconic natural products that keeps revealing its secrets and virtues with such an impressiveness everyday.

Majel Bel Abbess

Groves – Cillium

Our company was born after 20 years of experience in the olive sector. It is located in the region Majel Bel Abbes in the governorate of Kasserine, in the central west of Tunisia, a well-known region for its rich soil and high quality of olive since the Roman times. Its main cultivated olive variety is the CHEMLALI, giving very fruity oil, slightly spicy with a little bitterness at the beginning of maturity and sweet fruity oil at full maturity.


The result of a meticulous craftsmanship

Since 1991 we have been working on our product to achieve a high quality confirmed by the international standards.

We produce a first pressed olive oil, Alimentary and natural, without chemical treatments. Its health claims are due to green olives harvested by hand and triturated on the same day.

We collect and triturate our best olives of the year to produce precious oil, characterized by a fruity smell, a bland taste with a slight bitterness due to the antioxidants presence.

Olive oil extra virgin

Acidity: lower than 0.5 degrees.

Soft taste.

Consumed natural or cooked.

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