Say hello to sun fed, fresh air and healthy soil

A land with hidden treasures
Simplicity is becoming a fantasy nowadays in our modern world.
However in Majel Bel Abbes we treasure the simplicity that we have.
Majel Bel Abbes is a mid-western small town surrounded by the Atlas Mountains and Desert, the perfect climate for wild olives. In Majel bel Abbes we take a good care of our olives, we believe that it is our heritage from ancestors adding to that our olives are very unique, it’s grown in an arid climate.
The dry weather helps to produce antioxidant polyphenols to extract a unique olive oil.
Our mission is to maintain the local varieties like Chamchali and Chemleli. These varieties offer us sweet, fruity olive oil with a slight bitterness that keeps you wander about this combination.
We guarantee all the production process from the tree to the bottle​
We cold press our olives the same day as they are harvested
Generally it’s less than 6 hours
We pick up olives by hands
Ethical concept of respecting nature and personnel work conditions.


Abir Rabhi, is an art lover, olive oil taster and co-founder of Cillium Olive Oil .
She grew up in an environment where the love of the land is a fundamental value. Her grandparents were olive farmers and her father carried on respecting this value despite pursuing a different carrier. Farming is a part of their identity. She was eager to learn all the techniques about taking care of olives; she passed all her free time discovering every little detail about it. She always knew that olives from Majel Bel Abbes were special and unique. Her mission in creating a brand is to introduce their oil to every olive oil lover in the world.
“In Cillium we found the balance between keeping the traditional techniques with the modern ones by respecting the international norms, in order to get that perfect combination of flavors. We also offer our services from extracting to bottling to many farmers in our region.”





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