Cillium olive oil : Producing and bottling olive oil

10 June 2020 0 Comments

Several motivations brought me the idea of being an entrepreneur. First, I grew up in a family who owned few agricultural projects; grandparents were once olive-farmers and my father inherited this family tradition of being a central part of the olive industry in our village. Furthermore, I have been transmitted this eager to develop more and more the family tradition of commercializing olive oil.
Second, my personality is some kind determined and adventurous about executing the idea of creating my own olive oil brand. Taking risks and challenges are both tasteful motivations that encourage me to go further in executing my dream.
Third, the innovational part of the domain is bringing me more enthusiasm in terms of developing my ancestry tradition of producing olive oil. This is very emotional and very reasonable at the same time: being a part of the olive oil market in Tunisia is also a national pride as Tunisia have been elected as the first exporter of olive oil in the world in 2015, according to O.N.H . Thus, developing this field is very interesting to me considering being active at the national economy improving, and having a personal opportunity to join this fertile market.Startups are a modern way, in this age, that could help enrich the humanitarian dimension and in terms of working within a team and taking advantage of the complementary side of it. Having a variety potential is a way to success and highly benefic to both, team and startup.
My idea of project consists on producing and bottling organic and premium extra virgin olive oil. This will engender the creation of my own brand. In order to describe more my idea; I intend to find out conventions with organic olive grove farmers in order to get a variety of high quality organic olives, then, to insure the process of extraction, storage and bottling with respecting international norms. Having an exportative ambition, the project intends to create a brand image in order to target the international market, especially organic supermarket and gourmet market.


CEO and founder