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Certified Organic By Ecocert SA

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Flavor profile

  • Fruity
  • Bitter
  • Pungent


It’s 100 % organic product, produced from the new harvest 2020-2021.

Every year, we collect organic fresh olives from a group of farmers (GDA) from “Majel Bel Abbes” and we care about harvesting, transporting and Milling Methods.

Organic Cillium olive oil combine freshness and health. It’s made from cold pressed Chemlali Kasserine variety which gives us a tender and complex olive oil. It’s a fruity olive oil with a notes of green almonds and a warm flavor that transports us to a delightful voyage through the tones of authenticity to seek a better pure lifestyle.


To protect the olive oil from UV light, we use a dark antique green glass designed specifically to protect olive oil from degradation.


Add Cillium organic olive oil to any dish and enjoy a pronunciation of health and calm earthy flavors.